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    We would like to offer you the informations of the 112 Canton fair of II phase and III Phase , we will show BATHROOM ITEM,HOUSEWARE ITEM(see product picture) II phase Booth No Area C 16.2 AND 15.2 middle OUTSIDE ,Area A and Area B to Area C Sky-bridge,not in hall inside,please check below direction indicator,this is TAI ZHOU GOVERNMENT BRAND HALL CZ002A .near dining-room elevator ,side is resting area,have many chair in there,if your can t find our booth,please call me 15167694808 Time23th.--27th.October 2012 Address PaZhou Area. III Phase Booth No14.3-C29-30 Time 31th.October -4th. November.2012 Address PaZhou Area. Welcome to my booth discussing the future business. Less